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You might already know what changes need to be made in your organization or even in your personal life. But, like many other leaders, you need a process to facilitate those changes. That's where we excel. We have over 50 years of experience, and have developed a truly unique process that magnifies potential and builds leadership capability. We don't just present the program and walk away; over the course of several months, we coach, facilitate and guide you through every step of the process. Throughout that time, we give you the attention you deserve, focusing on what's important to you and empowering you to get the long-lasting results you need to be successful.

Features and Benefits:

  • Access to courses anytime, anywhere, with a computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Materials designed for a proven learning experience
  • Interactive Content
  • Multisensory Learning
  • Assignments and Quizzes
  • Process Management and Feedback

Online Training Courses we currently offer


Personal Productivity is the foundation of all effective leadership, yet many people lack the direction they need to achieve their desired results. This Effective Personal Productivity course is part of our unique development process that will help you gain unique leadership skills. Learn more

Personal Leadership is the core of an individual’s character. It’s a quality that is exemplified when a person represents an organization in the outside world or interacts with others in the organization. Personal motivation and self-image are key to how one performs, responds, and leads. This course is part of our unique development process that will help you gain unique leadership skills. It will help your individuals realize personal leadership potential by building upon strengths and improving self-image and develop a written Plan of Action for success. Learn more

Most managers and supervisors lack the leadership and supervisory skills necessary to suit their management positions. Our Effective Leadership Development program engages leaders in an exciting and proven learning process, empowering them to achieve real, measurable improvement in productivity, performance and results. An extra benefit for leaders and supervisors is learning how to develop their people by equipping them with the skills necessary to build a high-performance team.  Learn more

Attitude Is Everything!! is the result of author Paul J. Meyer's life work as a motivator of people. Meyer held the firm belief that all people, regardless of their gender, personality, social standing, or level of education, could develop the necessary characteristics to achieve and live a lifetime of success. Learn more

Success is not the result of luck or random chance. Success never just “happens” to the fortunate few. Instead, achievers make their own luck! The Making of a Champion® program will show you how to develop the motivation needed to reach the goals you desire. It identifies the qualities you need to transform yourself into an individual who is mentally and physically equipped for high achievement. Learn more

Professional selling is one of the most exciting careers available for anyone interested in achieving a high level of personal success. Your success in selling depends largely upon your willingness to acquire the necessary skills and your self-discipline in developing work habits to apply those skills consistently. The Effective Selling Strategies program will show you all the necessary tools of the trade. In a methodical, systematic approach, you will learn how to define your target market, how to approach your prospects, how to conduct a sales interview, how to discover the prospect’s prime buying motives, how to successfully close the sale, and how to handle stalls and objections. Learn more


Leader Complet: La Dynamique de la Productivité ® (EPP)

La productivité personnelle est le fondement du leadership réussi. Pourtant, beaucoup de gens ne savent pas quel chemin suivre pour réaliser leurs rêves. Le programme La Dynamique de la productivité personnelle fait partie de notre train de développement qui vous aidera à acquérir des compétences uniques en leadership. Learn more

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