We Are Performance Specialists

The LMI Process helps leaders and organizations realize more of their potential.  Great leaders are not born, but made through personal growth, experience and perserverance.

People are at the heart of everything we do; we help them to achieve slight-edge changes in attitude and behaviour that translates into enhanced individual performance, increased leadership awareness, and measurable business results.

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We Offer Customized Development

We are not a training company.  We are not consultants. So, who are we? We are experts in coaching and facilitating you and your people through a scientifically proven process of personal growth to achieve your personal and organizational goals.

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Looking to improve your performance?

Your current challenges are not insurmountable roadblocks but rather opportunities for growth. By embracing these challenges head-on, leaders can cultivate resilience and adaptability.

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A Few Words About LMI Canada

For over 50 years we have believed that stronger leadership is always a possibility. We use our process driven techniques and programs to develop professional leaders for companies of all industries.

Based on the philosophies of founder Paul J. Meyer, LMI has been instilling the value and importance of leadership to our clients for over 50 years. With an operational network that now spans 80 countries, LMI is one of the most successful and recognized people development organizations in the world.

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The Total Leader®

The most successful organizations in the future will be those that recognize the need for every employee to lead; both themselves and others. It is only when people are able to lead themselves effectively that they become empowered to be creative and innovative.

This need to develop leadership skills in every employee is the foundation of our Total Leader Concept, which is based on two essential principles:

  • For organizations to succeed, they must develop leaders throughout the entire organization
  • For leadership development to be effective, it must utilize a complete, integrated, total leadership development process.

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Our Founder - Paul J. Meyer

Always considered a person with an idea ahead of its time, Meyer became interested in the principles of personal growth, development, and success at an early age. He was particularly interested in the process of goal setting, as this process was in tune with his keen desire for personal achievement. By using goal-setting principles in his chosen career of professional sales, Meyer became a millionaire by the age of 27.

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Multi-Sensory Learning

We must first approach the future with optimism and a determination to overcome any challenges that come our way. Together, we can shape a world where leadership is a force for good and where our collective potential knows no bounds.  Our LMI programs are designed to appeal to more of your senses, again to help the process of permanent change. By reading lessons and writing notes on the pages, then listening to audio files of the same lessons, information is more easily retained over the long term.

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Congratulations LMI !

Leadership Management International has been awarded number ONE in Training Programs by Entrepreneur for 2022!

Leadership Management International (LMI) recognized in the top 25 of the 2016 Leadership Excellence Awards Winners Circle for exceptional Leadership Development Programs in the Corporate Categories: Best Global/International Leadership Program; and Innovation in Deployment of Leadership Programs.

Online Learning

To make it easier for you to achieve the success you desire for yourself or your organization, we created an Online Learning Platform.

Features and Benefits

Access to courses anytime, anywhere, with a computer, tablet or smartphone

Materials designed for a proven learning experience

Interactive Content

Multisensory Learning

Assignments and Quizzes

Process Management and Feedback

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Why LMI? Here are some benefits:

Improving Productivity

Help you understand what productivity is.  Learn and benchmark your own personal productivity.  Recognize the rewards of improving productivity.  Help you change your attitude to planning and goal-setting.  Identify and utilize high-payoff activities to get more done.

Managing Time

We will help you improve your self-image.  Develop personal and organizational goals focus.  Understand how the goal-setting process works and the power of written goals.  Learn to find time to plan and set goals.  Learn the power of affirmation and visualization.

Controlling Priorities

We will show you how to set priorities in all areas of life to help restore balance. Learn to deal with interruptions, handle emergencies and drop-in visitors. We’ll also show you how to manage communications and importantly, how to say no.

Communicate Better

We will improve productivity with effective communication. We’ll show how to empathize with others, clarify with questions and listen for the total message. Learn tips for speed reading, writing for impact and communicating with groups. Using technology efficiently and effectively.

Team Empowerment

We will help your team get more productive.  Learn to overcome the fear and embrace the benefits of empowerment. We will explain how to change attitudes and how to develop teams through delegation and the different levels available.

Team Productivity

We will help you understand what productivity is and how to benchmark your own personal productivity.  Recognize the rewards of improving productivity. Help you change your attitude to planning and goal-setting.  Identify and utilize high-payoff activities to get more done

Leadership Programs for Individuals & Teams

Our goal at LMI is to help you understand that changing yourself for the better is a developmental process. We use a multi-sensory learning approach to show and tell you how you can start to experience real change and improvement in your life.

Personal Productivity

Your productivity is at the core of the goals you desire and the tasks you achieve.

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Motivational Leadership

The development of  exceptional leaders who can effortlessly motivate is of utmost importance.

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Strategic Leadership

To develop an effective strategy, you must first understand your strategic purpose.

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LMI Canada offers awareness tools via assessment and survey instruments that enhance performance.

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Family Programs

Empower you and your family to attain the measurable growth of careers, finances and personal relationships.

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Leadership for Women

Overcome past conditioning, redefine your self-restrictions
and enrich your self-concept
as a leader.

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